If you didn’t listen to the song while reading this, you better scroll back up and read it again WITH the song on, no guarantee happy feels thou, but - you should. -stare into your soul-

Tea cafe au - (Jean’s pov) where Jean work full time at his mother’s tea cafe after college in sweat pants and flip flop because he can. And one day, valentines day, he noticed a guy who he assumed got dumped and decided to comfort him because he understood what it felt like. (Marco’s pov) Marco actually got dumped by his fiancee, quit his job and almost lost his faith in happy endings. Then comes along a man who wears flip flop and help him get back on his feet while he finds himself trying to pursue the man to be a chef because of his hidden culinary talent.

I don’t care if the explanation was bad and this fanart is not actually finish, I’m sleep deprived.